Monday, 14 October 2013

Episode (session) #5 - May contain Shooting Fish (Echoes of War) spoilers

One of my two whiteboards in use...this one was used to track the notable places in the town of Endurance, which onesthe crew had visited and what they knew they could be used for/obtain there.

(This session became a great example of Complications and Assets being used to steer the plot....)

We pick up where we left off with Dr Norris and Bean trying to source wood for the repairs to the orphanage boat.  After what the Shepherd has told them about places in town they head to the Bilderbeck Timber Mill and end up in conversation with the owner, Mister Bilderbeck himself.  When he learns that they are off-worlders with access to a ship he tells them of his lost son and how he wants to get into contact with his young love.  Dr Norris agrees (after a few out of character jokes about how he always seems to meet "Quest givers"....) and they arrange to have the wood they need delivered to the orphanage.

Meanwhile Captain Floris tries to sign up for the race.  The mayor and his flunkies take him through the rules and reams of paper work only to then "realise" that the sign up deadline had passed.  What a shame. Floris stays sat where he his and begins to try to find a loop hole in the rules (failing to annoy the Mayor in the process) and in the end mayor just leaves him to it, chuckling to himself.

With the arrival of the wood, along with Leo demonstrating his exceptional skills, the Orphanage Boat is repaired with ample time to spare.  However Leo had previously picked up a "Hammered Thumb" Complication which by now (due to more "1s") had worsened to a D10...even though he'd attempted treating it himself he really ought to get it looked at... 

The Doctor often uses doped sweets & jelly beans to subdue Bean and after the Timber Mill scene he'd picked up a "Running out of Candies" Complication so he pops into the local candy store. He notices the store owner's (Lissette Abel) scars and figures (MENTAL+KNOW (Medicine)) that she's a war vet.  It comes out in converstaion that she is part of the Canterbury crew and that they have a serious beef with the Mayor. She suggests that the Doctor visit the Canterbury farm if she wants to know more.  However the Doctor figures on another method and has Bean "read" Lisette from outside the store and she discovers the truth of the Mayor's war record, albeit in very symbolic images and terms. 

Judah is still snooping around undercover and winds up in the Red Saloon.  He gets the low down on the bar's entry into the race and sees them for what they are "...some good ol' boys just lookin' fer a gud time...".

The crew head back to the orphanage to compare notes and discuss plans.  The Doctor treats Leo's thumb and I decide that they use a another Beat in doing so (still only about halfway through their available Beats...)   

The crew decide that they need to embarrass the Mayor into letting them into the race, in public.  A fall back option would be convincing another crew to let them join and win on their behalf but of the crews encountered either they don't want to win (Canterbury's) or won't want to share the winnings (Red Saloon).  So they come up with a plan...

Most of the crew head off into town that evening but Leo (and Turk) stay to waterproof the boat.  As ever Leo's efficiency has the job done in no time at all so he calls in the orphanage children to apply a second, colorful coat of paint.  He gives them free reign to decorate as they wish and builds a "Kids paint job ASSET" off it (in the hope of swinging sympathy from the crowds and/or distracting the other crews).

The remaining crew (along with the Captain's "Assets" of his cousin Emmery (the pilot) and his pack of dogs) head to the Ocean View Tavern to face off with the mayor. Dr Norris gives Judah some dope (ASSET) that he (still working undercover) palms into the drink a waitress is taking to the Mayor. Floris then confronts the mayor and questions his bravery, the cumulative effect riles him up and he takes a swing - BAR FIGHT!  The crew lay in to the Purple gang while Floris defends himself against the Mayor.  The mayor keeps losing gang members (in part to avoid being Taken Out) but the crew have them licked and so, in fury, he shouts out "I'll see you on the water!".  They are in the race (fade to black....). A great scene and fantasic way to end the session.