Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Tramp Freighter

The presence of our "pet-tramp"; Tuck/Truck/Tock/Tug/Tuc/Trog/whatever-his-name onboard the ship was a little bit of a shock to the players but there was a method in my madness. I explained it to the players thus;
I pictured that the crew found him one day, tucked away in a makeshift den, when they were out in the Black, days from a port, but then what do they do with him?

I'm sure that the Captain possibly flew into a temper - especially as the first indication there was something amiss may have been that his dogs acted strangely. Then again it was probably around the time that the bitch had her puppies so Floris might have initially dismissed any peculiar behaviours as that....
But the crew found him.....what then? I can't imagine anyone on the crew callous enough to space him - regardless of the captain's rage (I imagine Judah was a placating voice at that point). Bean could tell he was no threat and they soon found that he'd escape from anywhere they locked him in. Caught on the hop Dr Norris probably didn't want to risk wasting sedatives on him (especially considering how fickle and unpredictable Bean is) - plus Tuck smells - who wants to get close enough to administer drugs? (and tranq darts might not get through all the layers of rags and assorted clothes). So the crew were probably forced to leave him alone until they reached their destination.
Once in port they probably sent him packing (may be with a coin or too pressed into his hand - after all in a way they'd sort of become fond of this odd interloper) and carried on with business. Then after lift off they'd find he'd be back ("The cat came back, the very next day...."). This possibly happened a couple more times until they just gave in. He seems harmless, he's occasionally helpful (Leo finds some stuff fixed or modified (especially around the ship's sensors)) when he hasn't tounched them and the Captain's dogs seem to love him.
We may play out the discovery of him as a flashback at some point but for now, that's the way of things.