Monday, 2 September 2013

Gettin' started

Welcome, settle yourself down and let Uncle Ben tell you a little tale...
For a variety of reasons, I was ending my current game (Trinity rpg, in case you were interested White Wolf, now Onyx path's sci-fi game).   I'd thoroughly enjoyed it and it was very much a  "vanity game" that our playing group had indulged me on. That said I think we all agreed that we managed to create some memorable characters and an interesting story.
But, on to pastures new - and "into the black" ;)
The new Firefly RPG from Margaret Weis Productions is *very* shiny and benefits from using a version of the Cortex+ system (which the Marvel Heroic RPG is also based on and we played A LOT until our daliance with Trinity...).  The system dovetails nicely with the way I GM and the way our group plays, and I think it captures the feeling of the setting far better than it's predecessor (the Serenity RPG - also from MWP) did.
Plus, I have all the materials for the old "Cortex Classic" Serenity RPG which are complementary to, if not directly compatible with the new game (conversion rules to follow, we are told). Now I've been a fan of The Firefly 'verse for a number of years (since the "Big Damn Movie") and I think that the setting holds HUGE potential for an ongoing game (especially considering the additional essays and material that's been written since, the comics, background notes etc etc) and so it's time to gather a crew and head off on into the Black...