Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Episode (session) #1

It's now a week since we began our new Firefly campaign. Most of the first game session was spent introducing the characters and the ship, finishing character generation off, talking through the layout of the ship and as we decided that the characters were an existing crew with a  bit of history we did a "relationships" exercise to define what these people think of each other at the minute (I'll cover that in detail in another blog post).
The regular crew we have is:
Floris - the shp's captain, hailing from the Core worlds and of noble birth.  See the "O captain, my captain!" post (http://whiteelephanttales.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/o-captain-my-captain.html) for more details.
Judah - the 1st mate but also a Registered Companion, the social assistant/advisor to the captain. He tempers Floris' violent tempers and outbursts and is trying to civilise the captain. More details in a future post...
Dr Norris - A cosmetic surgeon from the Core - now hiding out on the Rim for reasons undisclosed. Clever, ascerbic, very unprincipled and worthy of a full post in the near future....
Bean - A reader, rescued by Floris when he left the Core. She appears to have companion training but Judah doesn't have a record of her in the Registry.... more to come on her too
Leo - Ship's mechanic, check out a bit more about him on the "Holdin' it all together" post (http://whiteelephanttales.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/holdin-it-all-together.html).
A very social focussed crew to be honest - but due to the layout of the Bei Xiang and the Companion's insistance that he has a seperate room on the ship for his wardrobe, they don't have much passenger space (two berths), but we'll see how that pans out.
After all that we managed to get about 30-45 mins of actual play in.
The crew had arrived on Beylix, the 'verse's dumping ground. The planet is mostly waste and salvage tips with a few scattered farmsteads.  Floris and I had previously agreed that due to his love of critters and beasts he would take livestock jobs where possible so the crew had just finished a delivery of cattle to a farm and were pondering what to do next.

I also introduced the crew to "Tuck" (or Tog, Tug, Tock, Turk no one is quite sure of what he originally mumbled when they asked his name) a tramp who they picked up at some point in their travels and lives in a den he's made for himself, tucked away under the stairwell between the Infirmary and passenger dorms. He appears harmless and seems to be a bit of a savant, randomly fixing or "adjusting" parts of the ship...
Leo comes back from a run for parts to one of the salvage yards with news of a possible job. The Salvor needs a ship for a run out into the Black but his own vessel is out of action The job is apparently urgent and the repairs to his own vessel will take too long so he's looking to out source. The Captain, Bean and Leo head to see the guy and find out more about it.
The salvage yard was owned & run by "Toestep & Son" and there they met Alphonse and his son Howerd (I make NO apologies...  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steptoe_and_Son). Hercules, their Bernard class Salvage & Rescue vessel, is out of action and a client has provided the co-ordinates for a potentially profitable piece of salvage. As this is unsanctioned and unlicensed salvage it is highly illegal and so they need to get it fast before the Alliance or United Reclaimation get it.
Toestep snr. is a "dirty ol' man" and negotiations break down quickly (Our captain's SOCIAL + Influence letting him down a little but our crew just didn't like the guy...so that made for some great roleplay) so Bean just lifts the coordinates from his mind (Paying 1 Plot Point to use her Secrets, Secrets Trigger to roll MENTAL + Know to read the details from his mind) and they return to the ship (but with Bean suffering from acute Paranoia as a side effect of brain skimming (she succeeded but rolled a "1" and gained a d6 Complication). After a brief discussion with the crew Floris decides that they will go after the salvage themselves and they lift off into the Black....