Monday, 18 November 2013

Episode (session) #7 - May contain Shooting Fish (Echoes of War) spoilers

(Sorry updates have been a bit....absent of late - will try to do better (consider wrist slapped)...there are two sessions to catch up on and a number of interesting rules discussions we had in game, NPCs to write up.....better get on with it hadn't I?)

Well our crew had won the race, and the day perhaps?

They helped the Cavendish crew out of the water and then Floris went to collect the prize (with the crew backing him up) - but no one expected the Mayor to give up easy.

The local band struck up a tune as they climbed the podium and the crew were taken a little by surprise when the Mayor smiled and presented them with their chest full of winnings. But his true colours were shown as he pulled Floris close and hissed "Spend it gorram quick..."

Our heroic crew hightailed it back to the Orphanage and presented the Shepherd with the winnings; the children were all over the crew, dying to learn of their daring deeds and heroism. The crew were a bit worried about resting on their laurels though and got the paperwork they needed from the shepherd and went straight back into town to get the debt paid and the orphanage signed over to Rust.

They found the Mayor "holding court" and drinking himself into a stupor in the tavern.  He and Floris traded words but what could he do in front of much of the town? The money changed hands, deeds were signed and more verbal threats levelled (giving Floris a Complication) but no blood was shed. The crew returned to the orphanage and set up a series of watches...they still didn't trust the Mayor...

Come morning some of the children were the first to spot the dust of the Mayor's Air Cav and a posse of riders heading up the hill from the town. The crew dove into action - Floris went to confront the mayor face to face, Judah took up a sniper position in the orphanage while Bean, Dr Norris, Leo and Shepherd Rust herded the children into the relative safety of the Bei Xiang.

Floris tried to talk the mayor down but "negotiations" soon became hostile.

Now it's been a while since we played this session and LOTS happened in the battle so things get hazy from this point (they ain't too clear before it either) but the main things were:
  • Floris got stuck in fightin' hand to hand with the Purple Gang and eventually Lake himself
  • Judah was swiftly (and unfortunately) taken out when the Purple Gang "up'd the stakes" on his roll to taken some of them out.
  • Bean realised some of the children were still playing out in the grounds and had been cut off from the ship by the Purple Gang horsemen. She headed back to rescue them and brought them back to the ship
  • Leo used a bunch of devices and mechanical wonders that he controlled from his workshop in the ship (e.g. Drones and smoke bombs - all Assets created on the fly) to take out a bunch of the Purple Gang
  • Dr Norris had Shepherd Rust call in the local Alliance Feds, advising them that the children were under attack
  • Floris whupped the enraged and bitter mayor bringing him to his knees as the authorities arrived. Lake was bound under law and taken away, cursing Rust, Floris and the crew as he went. 
The Orphanage was saved, the crew made a small profit from the remainder of the race winnings (half of which Floris convinced the crew to give Shepherd Rust for the children and the running of the Orphanage) and the crew had found a new ally and port of call in Rust. All in all not a bad few days work.